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(C) Copyright 2001 Alex Iliasov


Currently LB version 0.1.x is under construction. The first public release with a basic set of libraries will be made approx. by aug-sep.2001. LB is free, open source software that will be distributed under the terms of GNU Public License. Lemic Basic now consists of lbc - compiler (via C) and lbpp - pre-processor. Pre-processor is implemented in Lemick Basic.

Primary development platform is Linux, however there are ports for some other UNIX-family OS and a port for win32.

This sources correspond to the version 0.1.0, last modified 24.jun.2001. Please note, this version is very buggy and might be not very useful for real programming in Lemick Basic.
Sorry, no configure and make provided - they'll be included in next versions. Sources should compile (with some warnings) with any C compiler but tested only with gcc.

lemick basic version 0.1.0 (24.jun.2001) source

! Anybody willing to make port for any platform other than Linux-i386, Solaris-i386 please write me.

You can also try this build of lbc and lbpp for linux386:

lemick.bin.linux386.ELF.tar.gz - version of 25.jun.2001

Both sources and compiled binary versions of Lemick Basic that you can download from this page are distributed under the terms of GNU Public License.



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