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(C) Copyright 2001 Alex Iliasov


Lemick will consist of two parts - compiler to object code via C and compiler to pcode + pcode interpreter. Now only the first part is being developed.

Compiler to object code via C

It's better to call it compiler as outputted code is neither readable nor supportable.

Implemented in C (not C++)
It outputs pure ANSI C.
Core language relays only on standard C libraries.

lbpp - pre-processor:

  • implemented in Lemick Basic
  • inclusion of files
  • check for loops in inclusion
  • filtering input (can delete blank and commented lines)
  • conditional compilation - supports if - else -endif, define, undefine directives.

I used '$ prefix for pre-processor commands


Compiler to pcode and pcode interpreter

Nothing have been done yet.

  • Design pcode
  • Implement pcode compiler
  • Implement pcode interpreter




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